Frequently asked questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about our pendiq products.


Which insulin cartridges from which manufacturers are compatible with the pendiq 2.0?

The pendiq 2.0 is compatible with the current 3ml (1ml/100U) insulin cartridges from the brands Sanofi-Aventis, Lilly, Berlin-Chemie and Novo Nordisk.


What kind of pen needles can be used with the pendiq 2.0?

The standard pen needles with fine screw threads can be used.


What data does the pendiq 2.0 store and can I transfer the data?

The pen stores up to 1,000 injections with the date, time, and the dose of insulin delivered. The injection history is displayed on the pen but can also be transferred into a Diabetes Management App via bluetooth. With the USB cable the data van be transferred onto the computer.


Is the battery rechargeable and can it be replaced?

Yes, the battery is rechargeable but can not be replaced.


Can the pendiq 2.0 be prescribed by a doctor?

In Germany the pendiq 2.0 can easily be prescribed by your doctor if he sees fit. We advise our international customers to ask your health insurance company or your specialist physician. You can find information on the medical aid number here.


Where can I use my prescription? Only available via pharmacy?

The pendiq 2.0 is available through German pharmacies or mail order companies. International customers can order the pendiq 2.0 by sending us an email to info@pendiq.com.


What is the cost of the pen without a prescription?

The pen costs € 169,00 incl. VAT, delivered free of charge from a German pharmacy by UPS.


Is the pendiq 2.0 compatible with mySugr?

We are trying to offer compatibility with the mySugr App in early 2018.


Why is the pendiq 2.0 not compatible with the software SiDiary?

Up to now only the user of the first pendiq generation had a download of the software available. We hope to offer our customers a free download for SiDiary for the pendiq 2.0 in the near future. 


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