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pendiq products stand for innovative and modern diabetes management. The goal is to facilitate the daily life of patients with diabetes through smart and digital solutions.

With the world's first digital insulin pen from the company pendiq, the world of insulin pens has been revolutionized and with its unique features, the pendiq insulin pen facilitates many patients' lives with diabetes.

Learn about the pendiq products on our pendiq website and how they can modernize daily diabetes management.


The new pendiq 2.0 now with bluetooth function and illuminated display.

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pendiq 2.0 Insulinpen alle fünf Farben

Digital insulin pen

The first digital insulin pen – unique, modern, innovative!
The new smart pendiq 2.0 insulin pen makes life with diabetes easier.

pendiq Comfort Plus Pen-Nadel Box 4mm

Comfort Plus Pen Needle Box

Innovative functions make the comfort plus box a comfortable and safe alternative to conventional pen needle box systems.

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My son has had diabetes since he was five years old and had to learn to manage it. Him handling the needles always made me nervous but with the Comfort Plus Safety Box he can change and dispose the needles easy and safe. 

Melanie Arntz (34), Germany

The Comfort Plus Pen Needles have a great quality and the box has a stylish design! Finally something to have standing out and not have that hospital look.  

Peter Klammert (61), Germany

As someone who is used to smartphones I was a bit shocked how old-fashioned and unmodern the normal insulin pens were - even my alarm clock was digital why not my insulin pen? With the pendiq, insulin pens have arrived in the 21st century. Thanks!

Jarl-Otto Kaiser (20), Germany

I can only recommend the memory function! Finally a reliable overview over my injections and my doc is also happy. 

Sabine Zimmermann (33), Austria

Thanks to the pendiq insulin pen I don't run the risk of giving myself an overdose - a true life saver! 

Thomas Meinert (57), Germany

My elderly mother often didn't have the strength to push down the plunger of conventional insulin pens. With the pendiq insulin pen the dose is delivered automatically and effortless. 

Beate Schmidt (42)