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pendiq 2.0

 The digital insulin pen pendiq 2.0 is the second generation of smart insulin pens from from the company pendiq. The innovative insulin pen pendiq 2.0 keeps your injection diary digitally and automatically.

pendiq 2.0 means less work, less worries, less time effort - more security, more precision and much more quality of life.

Numerous features distinguish the pendiq 2.0 from conventional insulin pens and make it a useful and indispensable device for a  better life with diabetes.

Der digitale Insulinpen pendiq 2.0
Memory function

The pendiq 2.0 reliably stores the last 1000 injections with date, time and injected units.

0,1U Microdosing

The pendiq 2.0 can be adjusted in micro increments of 0.1U.


USB rechargeable battery.


The Bluetooth feature allows the injection data to be transferred wirelessly to a Diabetes Management App.


Effortless, motor-driven injection of 1.6U/sec at the push of a button and without force expenditure - injections without tension, tremors, cramps.


Alarm at low battery level, when the pen needle is blocked or the amount of residual insulin is too low. Unique for insulin pens and for more safety.


Compatible with the  current 3 ml insulin cartridges from the manufacturers:
Lilly®  Sanofi-Aventis®
Berlin-Chemie®   Novo Nordisk®


Simply charge the pendiq 2.0 with the supplied USB cable & charger and transfer data to the PC.

OLED Display

The illuminated OLED display convinces by day and night.

dialife Diabetes Management App

The pendiq 2.0 is compatible with the diabetes management app dialife.


Five modern trend colors ensure that the pendiq 2.0 is not only technically convincing, but also visually a real eye-catcher.

Whether you like it elegant, cheeky, discreet or factual - the pendiq fits every style!

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